T’Camp – rAlf’s return to agility

After mulling over our current state and the issues with Alfs back, it was deemed the best course of action was to train running contacts, so I went away and began doing just that. Try as I might, the fitter Alf got and the faster he was ploughing over the Dog Walk, his stop behaviour seemed to get stronger and stronger.


We tried and tried and his speed and hits were getting really good, before T’Camp with Katie Long, Steve Richardson & Jess Clarehugh that is! At camp, rAlf proceeded to miss every hit and, instead, stop with such precision every single time.

Argh again!

After a lengthy discussion it was decided that his stop DW was not putting a huge amount of pressure on his previously owwie muscle, so we switched to stop DW and running A Frame.

Oddly enough, teaching the running skills on his DW have massively improved his stop performance. Not only does he power over the DW but he’s more aware of where his feet are with each stride.

So we left T’camp with a show next weekend, then another 5 weeks until our next show. Running A frame in 5 weeks, no problem, right!?


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