Noodle – Otley DTC Show 2017

Tent life at shows was made much better this year thanks to Tom buying us an inflatable 5 man tent for my birthday. 2.5 minutes of air and then just peg her in – no poles is heaven, right?!

Otley was a two day weekend show and I had Noodle entered into 3 classes each day. It was his first show back since the disasters of April where his back had time to cause him pain during runs.

It seems that there was some of that remaining though he tried really hard. I was focussing on taking away some of the positives from each run but with the Clear Round Curse still upon us, it was frustrating to say the very least.

His contacts were changeable, some awesome, some shocking. His weaves were the same. Never mind though, he had fun camping that’s for sure!

What struck me most about this weekend, where I was already in a vulnerable mood being frustrated with the contacts and weaves, was how hurtful other people can be – usually without meaning it (i hope!). Over the course of the weekend we heard so many things said about us and other combinations that were truly awful. Some said about us included:

  • “Nice round, shame he isn’t as fast as other collies though”
  • *someone said something nice* “Yes but you didn’t keep to his criteria did you, so…”
  • *when looking at a grade 6/7 course* “Alf’s not going to be fast enough to get to here though, so don’t worry about these”

Now all of those things may well have been correct – they may well be true in the long run too, but do not think that I don’t know it myself. I’ve beaten myself up 100 times more than you could ever do, so don’t chip in with negativity if it isn’t invited. The way I see it, the only person who should be offering advice without my asking is my trainers, that’s it.

Let’s hope the next show is a bit more supportive and a bit less derogatory about a G1 partnership, yes?


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