Late Summer training days

It’s DV Matlock this week and we might, for once, actually be ready.

That, however, is mostly down to the wonderful Kenny from Longfield Agility Solutions. Living just 8 minutes away from me, training is convenient and fits in with my self-employed life. After Otley, we were supposed to be training RC’s for the A Frame so I booked out 6 sessions with Kenny, mostly evenly spread between Otley and DV Matlock.

This week was the penultimate session and wow, it was a stonker!

You’ll notice that our plan of RC’s has been shot to hell. At session 1 of RC Bootcamp, Alf displayed a distinct ignorance for stride regulators, his mat (that he’d been heavily trained on, and every other RC tool you could imagine. Instead, he dropped into a solid 2o2o when he could.


It seems that I trained my initial 2o2o behaviour really well before he lost it completely in competitions.

After a lengthy discussion with Kenny, we decided that if we could create a 2o2o that Alf was comfortable with, using his back end for careful decel, and work on early releases, we’d be ok.

So the plan changed, again, and we went back to 2o2o which Alf was 100 x more comfortable with. You see, when we’d begun RC Bootcamp with the A Frame, his reaction to any stride change method was to jump from the top of the down ramp to the floor, putting a ridiculous amount of strain on his back. It was, therefore, safer, for him, to slow himself to 2o2o than to launch into outer space like a black and white Martian.

We worked on our G1 Clear Round Curse problems all month and by this week we had 99% contact hits and 99% weave entries & completions. Here’s a compilation of this weeks session results:

I could not be happier with the results of this month, we’re a little partnership now, finally!



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