Dog Vegas – July…

2 days and a plethora of mixed results.

Out of 8 runs, there’s one thing that they ALL had in common. Missed weave entries.

Day one got off to a totally crazy start with a mad dash run in a jumping class. Noodle was in his element, absolutely bloody wild!

The rest of Day One was mixed. His first agility class was one for You’ve Been Framed. I have a video of the entire shambles from start to finish but, trust me, you don’t even want to see it! I for one never want to watch it again.

Noodle was wild like I’ve never seen before, heading off at 3000 miles per hour jumping off of every contact with such determination it was impossible to not smile at him.

Then, he missed his weave entry 7 times (HUGE thanks to our judge for her impressive patience and ability to laugh with us whilst saying “try it again” at the same time!)

Then, I fell over. I kid you not, it’s all on video, I fell flat on my face after slipping on the very wet grass.

Honestly, it’s 1 minute and 30 seconds of pure gold that will NEVER see the light of day ever again. Let’s move on, yes?

The next jumping class we got an E but a clap from the judge and ring party for his distance skills. I didn’t even know he had distance skills but still, hey ho, I’m not complaining!

Final agility run is below – his worst display of weave entries (bar the round which will never see the light of day) for the week but he’s trying his best to contain his craziness by this point…

Day 2 started well, but no weave entries in anything. He did, however, pull out a win (5 for weave entry), a 2nd and a 6th on day 2 – all fine, just his entries. 1st run of the day I won’t comment on, it wasn’t a confidence giving ring experience and those who were there understand my thoughts on thaaaat situation.

It’s KCI in less than 2 weeks and we are now battling a new nemesis – the ‘not-even-straight-but-including-straight-line weave entry’. Great.

Lovely weekend in lovely company, great camping and beautiful location. A win-win from me!


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