Ozz meets contacts…

So we’ve been working on 2o2o behaviour at home in the garden, just with a scaffold plank, some bricks, buckets and a wall. We’ve done target work with his tea for around a month or so and he’s picked it up like a little legend.

We soon took the target away and had him just stopping and nose dropping the floor, with an occasional treat there for him to find. Increasing my movement wasn’t too difficult for him to handle, which is odd because he’s basically a gluestick dog when I’m moving!

However I didn’t think he’d get it on equipment first time – the A frame took some work, mainly because he isn’t capable of switching his weight to his back end. Here’s his first A frame work…

And his first see saw work slotted in with some hilarious weave displays – what is that jump at the end?!

He may not be the fastest, most accurate or neatest dog in the world, but he is arguably the most hilarious to watch on equipment!


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