Alf – Dreamorox Repeat Forever


My heart dog, soul dog or whatever you want to call it – this dude is my best friend. He understands me more than any other living being on the planet and is my team mate for life.

Bred and carefully brought up by Sarah of Dreamorox Border Collies, he takes after his dad, Demon (or Midnight Roy) in his attention loving, kind and calm nature. His life has been spent thus far helping me through some utter crap times and he’s never once failed to be there for me.

Life without Noodle doesn’t bear thinking about.

Ozz – Valentines Ozz of Valgrays

Ozz - February 2017-8 copy

Ozz the Aussie came to us in February 2017 as a show dog who didn’t make the grade. He was entrusted to me by Valgrays BC Rescue who had had him just 3 days and knew I had wanted an Aussie for years! He came to me thin, recently castrated, and totally untrained. He’s arguably the most stunning dog I’ve ever seen and his looks are his greatest asset.

He knows he’s uber handsome and uses it to get whatever he wants. He’s a complete puppy, even though he was 12 months when we got him – he thought he was 12 weeks. We’ve done much with him since then, but all for fun, as that is what he lives for.

He never fails to put a smile on my face, regardless of my current mood!

Jess – Me.

This is me, I’m a self-employed dog-obsessed millennial digital designer (website, social graphics and stuff) who drinks WAY too much Yorkshire Tea. Based in North Lincs but originally from the Yorkshire Wolds, I’m an agricultural kid who never quite grew up. My children are my dogs, Alf, Ozz and Finn, who keep me company in the office at home.